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Our aim is to solve the hundreds of millions of problems in the world; everything from creating world peace to finding the best way to open a beer bottle. Some of our problems are serious, and some are silly - but all are addressed with the same HUNDRED MILLION LTD attitude. 

If you have a problem you'd like solving, please Tweet us @hundredmillion1 or send us a picture on Instagram to 'HUNDREDMILLION'. We will get back to you, we promise!

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^ This is Wimmy, Wimmy is our mascot - his name stands for Where Is My Mind, and he represents everything we aim for as a product design business. Child-like optimism and a big brain - sprinkled with just the right amount of punk rock attitude. 

If you order anything from HUNDRED MILLION LTD you will receive a Wimmy skate sticker, which is exciting - A. because you can stick it in the best place possible and then send us an Insta, and B. because our message gets out there. Gently, and with an adhesive backing, which in our view is the best kind of backing.